Insurance Suitability and Sustainability Analysis (ISSA™)

Our Insurance Suitability and Sustainability Analysis (ISSA™) results in an independent and objective report card of your entire insurance portfolio. This powerful analysis will identify how tax and cost efficient your plan is today by using robust analytics.  Your report will also identify how well your protection plans are aligned with your vision, values and goals.


Our experience and understanding of the everchanging product and tax landscape combined with the capability to analyze and reverse engineer complex financial products, is why many of the top local professional advisors recommend us for independent and objective insurance advice.

Why the ISSA™ makes financial sense

The life insurance industry is experiencing constant change. Competition and financial challenges have resulted in many mergers and unexpected outcomes.  Some companies have sold their insurance blocs to other carriers or suddenly exited their long histories of particular product lines such as life, disability or long term care.  More recently, we’ve seen companies raising the cost of insurance on some policies for a variety of economic reasons…this was virtually unheard of in the industry up until now, and no one expected it would ever occur…but it has.

What’s more, the very affluent are living longer and technology is driving down the cost of administration.  The impact of COVID has actually forced many carriers to change outdated systems and processes resulting in rapid improvements to an industry reluctant to change.  This is all very good for the consumer because these unprecedented changes have created new opportunities to improve old policies.  All this changes the way life insurance is priced, underwritten and serviced.  You may be thinking, “Is my policy fairly priced when I consider recent changes in product design, underwriting, pricing and service?”  We believe no one person or company has a corner on the market of good ideas.  A second opinion may save you millions.


In summary we believe our current economic and tax environment highlights the need for a drastic change in how insurance is sold and serviced.  We see this as an opportunity in a vastly underserved market where our business model is a perfect fit.

Our 7 Step Process is Creative, Collaborative, and Consultative

It’s simple, it’s comprehensive and it works.

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